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Christine Alexander Fine Jewellery

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Dive into the chic world of mechanics with this solid 9ct White Gold spanner (or wrench – my tools are more pocket-sized!) torc bangle. It's the epitome of cool, offering that classic finish that's perfect for any occasion – because who says your wean can't be a bit edgy at dinner?

With a 45mm internal width and an average weight of 5.7g, this bangle is not just an accessory; it's your cool quotient. It comes with its own spotlight – a fully recycled Christine Alexander-branded gift box. Pink or grey-black? Your choice – because style should always be on your terms.

Fancy a personal touch? We've got free hand engraving on the menu. Just give us 10 days, and we'll deliver a customized piece that's as unique as your taste. Oh, and did I mention the colour choices for the box? Because presentation matters.

But wait, there's more! If you're a fan of Yellow Gold vibes or crave the sparkle of Cubic Zirconia, we've got options galore. Do you need an adult-sized torque or have more burning questions? Just drop us a line – we're here to make your wrist dreams come true.

Now, let's unravel tradition. Imagine this – a bangle passed down through generations, a symbol of bikers, petrolheads, mechanics, and a bunch of other trades. It's not just about nuts and bolts; it's about family trades and the hope that the legacy continues. And here's the twist – these spanner bangles aren't just legacy pieces. They're quirky conversation starters, perfect for anyone who loves a dash of collectable quality in their jewellery.

Speaking of twists, let's talk torcs. These large, rigid rings have been the rage since ancient times, especially among the Celts. Gold torcs were their badges of honour, marking the wearer as high-ranking royalty. Fast forward to today, and torcs are still stealing the spotlight in various cultures and styles.

In the grand symphony of jewellery, this bangle isn't just a note; it's a whole melody. So, whether you're fixing bikes or breaking fashion norms, wear it with pride – because style, my friend, is timeless. 🛠️⚙️💍

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