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This lovely pair of polished round stud earrings are a popular choice. These earrings are 9ct White Gold, 8.5mm in diameter, a total weight of 1.3g and have a traditional post and butterfly fitting. These target earrings will truly make any girl smile; monochrome is endlessly chic. And set in White Gold, nobody would know that these aren't black & white Diamonds.

The earrings are presented in a luxury gift box. Fast, free delivery via Royal Mail.

Cubic zirconia, as a Diamond substituent and jewel competitor, has been seen as a potential solution against conflict Diamonds and the controversy surrounding the rarity and value of Diamonds. This is attributed to confirmed evidence that there were price-fixing practices taken by the major producers of rough Diamonds, in the majority attributed to De Beers Company known as holding a monopoly on the market from the 1870s to early 2000s. However, De Beers and Co do not have as much power over the market, the price of Diamonds continues to increase due to the increased demand in emerging markets such as India and China. A closely related issue to this monopoly was the emergence of conflict Diamonds. It has been shown that the Kimberley Process is not as effective in decreasing the number of conflict Diamonds reaching the European and American markets as intended. A 2015 study from the Enough Project, showed that groups in the Central African Republic have reaped between US$3 million and US$6 million annually from blood Diamonds. Diamond substituents, therefore, have become an alternative to boycotting altogether the funding of such unethical practices. However, concerns from mining countries such as the Democratic Republic of Congo are that a boycott in purchases of Diamonds would only worsen their economy. Therefore, it is argued that in the short term Diamonds substituents could be an alternative to reduce conflict around the market of Diamond mining but a long term solution would be to establish a more rigorous system of identifying the origin of these stones.

Target jewellery was originally developed during the Edwardian era and is remarkably striking in design. Historically target rings were presented as love tokens, with each gemstone concealing a particular meaning. The earliest target rings were set with rubies in combination with diamonds. All diamond set target rings were popular, boasting never-ending sparkle and symbolising love lasting an eternity. Target rings are highly desirable and unusual, uniting a beautiful design with the thrill of a secret message- take home your own love token today!

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