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Behold, the handmade ring that's basically a slice of magic – crafted from 9ct White Gold, showcasing the delicate blue vibes of an oval-cut natural Aquamarine gemstone, tipping the scales at .13cts. And because we're not stingy, there are round step-cut natural Diamonds on either side, bringing the carat weight to a sweet .01cts. Hallmarked for your peace of mind – because we believe in making statements, not doubts.

Now, let's talk occasions – this ring isn't just for slipping a ring on someone's finger; it's the engagement or promise ring dreams are made of. Birthdays, graduations, or just a regular Tuesday when you feel like being extra – it's the ring for all seasons. Fun fact: Aquamarine is the birthstone for March and the zodiac gemstone for Scorpio. So, it's basically the gem that covers all your cosmic bases.

And here's the kicker – these are real, natural gems, not some impostors, and guess what? They come at a fabulous price. It's like getting a front-row seat at a gemstone fashion show without breaking the bank.

And because we're all about spreading joy, there's free shipping for this beauty. Size not quite right? Fear not, I offer a free sizing service to get it as snug as a bug. Plus, it's gift-boxed in a fully recycled Christine Alexander branded box – because presentation matters.

Now, let's talk budget brilliance – layaway is the name of the game. Pay in instalments with no interest over a chill six months. Just a deposit of £145 gets the ball rolling, followed by two instalments of £90, four instalments of £45, or six instalments of £30. Flexible terms, just like your yoga instructor. Slide into my DMs to kick off the layaway magic. Oh, and the item is all yours once the final payment hits – no tricks, just treats.

Quick gem lesson: normally, Aquamarine in its rough state is a tad greenish-blue. But a little heat treating works its magic, turning that greenish tint into a pure blue beauty. Gem collectors dig the natural greenish-blue hue, but we're all about options.

And a friendly reminder – Diamonds play rough, so keep them away from other gems and metalwork. And White Gold, being the cool alloy of Gold and a white metal squad, is usually rocking some Rhodium bling. Save it from chlorine baths (aka no swimming with this beauty) to keep that bling intact. And if it needs a little touch-up, easy peasy – just get it re-plated.

Ready for a ring that's basically a work of art without the gallery price tag? Snag this gem, wear it proudly, and let your fingers do the talking. #AquamarineMagic #DiamondDreams #RingGoals

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