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Discover the exquisite beauty of this charming Art Deco-inspired half eternity band in 9ct White Gold, adorned with channel-set square Sapphires and little brilliant-cut Diamonds. A true treasure, indeed! 💍💎

The channel setting ensures a seamless finish, eliminating any pesky claws that might catch on clothing or wear away. Effortlessly chic and available as standard in sizes J-Q, this dainty piece can be tailored for sizes beyond this range by simply getting in touch with me. Embrace the versatility of this design, as it comes in Yellow Gold too, and offers the option of Rubies, Pink Sapphires, or Emeralds in either metal. A myriad of possibilities to suit your personal style! 🌈🌟

To make your dreams a reality, I offer a convenient layaway option, allowing you to pay in instalments without interest over a maximum of six months. Embrace the flexibility and choose the payment plan that suits you best; a deposit of £165, then whether it's two instalments of £105, four instalments of £52.50, or six instalments of £35 A splendid opportunity you don't want to miss! Contact me to get started, and PayPal will be your trusted companion throughout the process. Please note, you will receive the item only once it's fully paid for. For further information, refer to my Policies page for the Ts&Cs. 💳💫

Sapphires, shrouded in beauty and mystery, have captivated hearts across the globe. In Western cultures, the Sapphire has held a longstanding tradition of being the stone of choice, often paired with Diamonds, to express profound love and commitment. Famed for her undeniable elegance, Mrs. Simpson received numerous gems from Edward VIII, including a Van Cleef and Arpels bracelet she took great pride in, altering her clothing to showcase her cherished Sapphires. Meanwhile, in 2010, the late Princess Diana's engagement ring found renewed fame when her eldest son, Prince William, presented it to Kate Middleton upon their engagement. The allure of Sapphires spans a breathtaking spectrum of colors, from serene summer sky blues to jet black, and even colorless variations. This rich variety arises from different impurities found within their crystal structure, with chromium giving us the delightful Pink Sapphires and more substantial quantities yielding the cherished Ruby. A world of enchanting hues awaits! 💙🌈

Known as a girl's best friend, the name Diamond originates from the ancient Greek word 'adamas,' signifying invincibility. Unsurpassed in quality, a Diamond's color, clarity, and cut are meticulously measured, with the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) setting widely used standards. The value of Diamonds can dramatically vary based on their clarity, color, and, most significantly, how skillfully they've been cut. With a remarkable refractive index, Diamonds emanate an enchanting sparkle, boasting a distinctive adamantine lustre. A truly invincible and captivating gemstone! 💎✨

White Gold typically dazzles with a touch of Rhodium plating, enhancing its brilliance. To maintain this luster, it's wise to avoid swimming while wearing your cherished jewellery, as chlorine can hasten its degradation. Keep your precious pieces dry whenever possible, and if needed, re-plating is a simple solution. 🌟🏊

As with all gemstones, wear and tear can lead to damage over time. To preserve their splendor, check for loose stones or damaged claws periodically. When engaging in activities that might pose risks to your jewellery, take a moment to remove them and keep them safe. Household cleaners and chlorine in pools can also harm many gems, so exercise caution. Handle your treasures with love and care! 💕💍

For optimal storage, keep each piece individually in a soft pouch or compartmentalized box away from sunlight. This ensures that harder gemstones won't scratch their softer counterparts, preserving their timeless allure. Safeguard your cherished gems with utmost tenderness and grace! 💖🌞

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