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Christine Alexander Fine Jewellery

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Oh, hello, you delicate darlings! Let me introduce you to this absolute gem – a fine, dainty, and utterly beautiful pendant necklace, hanging delicately from a fine cable chain.

Now, here's the twist – this necklace is crafted with love from 9ct Yellow and White Gold. Initially, I thought they were kisses, not butterflies! Can you blame me? Until, of course, I discovered that the collection is named Papillon, which is French for butterfly. Talk about a whimsical revelation! To be fair, they are simply stylised. Two White Gold butterflies flank a slightly larger Yellow flutterby (as they are known in my house). A matching bracelet is available, and a pair of the sweetest studs. All are handmade in the UK.

And here's the cool part – the chain comes with an extender, so you can flaunt it at 16" or 18" lengths. Options, darling, options!

Now, butterflies, let's talk magic. These fluttery wonders are some of the most enchanting and cherished creatures, bringing that magical presence as they gracefully hop from flower to flower on a glorious summer’s day. The butterfly serves as a reminder to keep our faith strong, just like they transform during their own metamorphosis. And hey, did you know that Native American tribes from aeons ago have myths and folklore about butterflies? According to them, these magical dreams we have while we snooze are delivered by a butterfly, and those dreams might just come true if you release one. Talk about a dreamy connection!

Now, White Gold, my friends, is a real MVP. It's an alloy of Gold and at least one white metal (usually Silver or Palladium). Usually, we sprinkle some Rhodium plating on it to jazz things up. A quick tip: to keep that plating looking fab, skip the jewellery swim sessions. Chlorine, especially, can be a bit of a buzzkill for it. And you know where Chlorine loves to hang out? Yep, tap water. So, keep your jewellery dry whenever possible. And if, by chance, the plating needs a little pick-me-up, it's a piece of cake to have it re-plated.

So, there you have it – a pendant that's not just a necklace, but a fluttery ode to transformation and dreams. Snag one for yourself and let the magic unfold! 🦋💖

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