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Behold the classic flat court shape 18ct Gold wedding band – the unsung hero of matrimonial bling, here to grace your finger with a subtle curve on the inside because comfort matters, darling. And hey, it's not a one-size-fits-all affair; pick your poison from a range of widths, spanning a modest 3mm to a bold 7mm – perfect for those "His and Hers" matchy-matchy moments.

No need to fret about finger size, my friend. This ring's got you covered from F to Z+5, and if your digits decide to rebel and fall outside this range, just hit me up. I'm in the business of making the impossible possible. Plus, it's a versatile act – also available in 9ct Yellow or White Gold, 18ct White Gold, and Platinum, and with a matte finish, centre groove or millegrain. Options, darling, options!

Feel like leaving your mark on the bling? Free engraving awaits, offering you 15 characters to express your undying love, your cat's name, or a sassy mantra – the choice is yours. Just spill the tea (or engraving details) when you place that order.

Now, let's talk British Hallmark – a stamp of authenticity that this ring is the real deal. No impostors here; this is a genuine article.

Quick history lesson: wedding rings are like the OGs of jewellery. We're talking Ancient Egypt OG. Depending on where you land culturally, the ring finds its home on the left or right ring finger, with some left-handed rebels shaking things up. Tradition, darling – it's a curious thing.

Now, a little detour into Diamond trivia. These sparklers are rarer than a unicorn sighting, with concentrations that are rock-bottom – we're talking single part per billion territory. If you fancy a treasure hunt, check out ancient shorelines; Diamonds love to hang out there. And yes, Diamonds can fall from the sky. When meteorites make an entrance, the shock wave turns up the heat and pressure, creating microDiamonds and nanoDiamonds. Popigai crater in Russia might just hold the motherlode, thanks to an asteroid rendezvous.

One last note – bespoke magic takes time. Your made-to-order masterpiece will sashay its way to you within 6 weeks. Oh, and a heads-up: bespoke, personalised, and engraved items are like VIPs – no returns. They've got that exclusive aura, you know?

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