rUBY is the birthstone for July and all my Ruby pieces are currently discounted. Also Peridot pieces are a bargain right now (you can get ahead for those August birthdays)! Discount added at checkout. Please message me with any questions!💎💕


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Hello, you marvellous mavens of finely crafted bling! Brace yourselves for a journey into the magical realm of this pendant, a tale of elegance and romance that'll make your heart skip a beat. Picture this: a delightful 4mm natural Ruby, weighing in at a cool 0.25 carats, stealing the spotlight. And as if that wasn't enough, cue the entrance of a dazzling G-H colour, I1 clarity Diamond, ready to sprinkle some extra sparkle.

Hold onto your fabulous hats, folks, because the material du jour for this showstopper is none other than solid 14ct Yellow Gold. But the good news parade doesn't stop there – if you're more of a White or Rose Gold aficionado, fear not, we've got those options too. And there's a cherry on top – this pendant is your canvas. Customize away with created Alexandrite, Emerald, or Sapphire, and a buffet of natural gems like Alexandrite, Amethyst, Aquamarine, Sapphire, Zircon, Citrine, Diamond, Emerald, Garnet, Peridot, Tourmaline, or White Sapphire. Feeling extra fancy with a different gemstone in mind? Shoot me a message, and let's turn that dream into reality!

Now, here's the twist – this listing is all about the pendant itself. Why, you ask? Because I know you fabulous souls have unique tastes, especially in the chain department. I'm giving you the power to mix and match your perfect combo. And if you're wondering where to snag that ideal chain, I've got a humble recommendation just for you.

Quick heads-up: this stunning pendant is made to order and jet-setting from the USA. So, buckle in for a 6-8 week wait, though, let's be real, I've seen it arrive fashionably early in just a fortnight!

But wait, there's more – you can take this little gem home through layaway. Yup, flexible payment plans for the win, whether you're into weekly or monthly payments. Slide into my DMs, and I'll spill all the deets. And guess what, we're keeping it classy with PayPal for this fabulous option.

Now, if Ruby isn't quite your cup of tea, fret not! I'm all about celebrating your unique style. This dazzling pendant comes in a smorgasbord of flavours, so there's something to tickle everyone's fancy.

Fun fact: on December 13/14, 2011, Elizabeth Taylor's entire jewellery collection hit the auction block at Christie's. Among the treasures were several Ruby-set pieces, including a ring with an 8.24 ct gem that smashed the 'price-per-carat' record for Rubies. Talk about bling royalty!

Thanks a million for hanging out with me today – having you here is an absolute gem! 😊💎💖

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