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Hey, you lot with a hankering for some lustrous elegance! Hold onto your fascinators because we've got a pearl of wisdom for you – a jaw-dropping white Akoya Pearl that's practically glowing like a seasoned celeb on the red carpet. This statement Pearl ring isn't just any ring; it's the perfect gift for Mum, a promise ring, a 21st birthday bash, a Pearl anniversary celebration, a June birthday extravaganza, or just a little self-love treat.

Now, let's get down to the nitty-gritty. The Pearl at the heart of this 14ct Rose Gold stunner measures a delightful 5mm in diameter. And the supporting cast? We've got Opals with 1.5mm cabochons and Diamonds making an entrance. Hold onto your hats – a total of 0.25cts of GH colour, SI2 clarity, tapered baguette step-cut sparklers. It's like a starburst design, and the Pearl is the headlining act stealing the show.

And here's the kicker – layaway payments are on the table. Whether you want to organize them weekly or monthly, slide into my DMs for all the deets. PayPal, darling, is the magic wand for this enchanted option.

Now, let's dive into the whimsical world of Pearl creation. Picture a mollusc getting all annoyed by an uninvited grain of sand and deciding to cover it up with silky nacre. Beautiful, right? Well, the natural Pearls forming in the sea might sound like a romantic notion, but let's not gloss over the environmental cost. Enter cultured Pearls – the eco-friendly gems grown in Pearl farms. Akoya pearls, for instance, come from Japan and China and are about as cultured as a Pearl can get.

Pearls, the OG gems, have been the stars of countless tales and legends. In ancient Persia, they believed Pearls formed when rainbows met the earth after a storm. Imperfections? Thunder and lightning did the trick! Another tale suggests Pearls are born when moonbeams unite with oysters. Sounds like the moon has a soft spot for these treasures. Cleopatra even pulled a stunt, betting she could down a fortune in a single cup by crushing a pearl, mixing it with wine or vinegar, and taking a sip.

And don't forget the supporting actors – Opals. Hydrous silicon dioxide with microscopic spheres playing hide and seek with colour. Transparent Opals? Whether faceted or not, they bring a dash of magic.

Now, Diamonds, are the divas of the gem world. Scratch that – they can scratch any other gems or metalwork, the ultimate drama queens.

Here's a teaser – this ring will soon strut its stuff in 14ct White Gold or Platinum. I've already got it listed in Yellow Gold and Sterling Silver. Choices, choices!

And speaking of Gold, a little FYI: Rose Gold isn't some vintage relic; it's just Gold hanging out with copper. The colour of a Gold piece has more to do with style than age.

A quick heads-up: this gorgeous ring is made to order and jetting in from the USA, so brace yourself for a 6-8 week delivery (though I've never twiddled my thumbs for longer than a fortnight – fingers crossed!).

Each piece of this handcrafted wonder is a unique creation. Pearls being the organic wonders they are, and Opals – well, no two are alike. But fear not, the design you see is the exact one you get.

And now, drumroll, please – presenting your bling in a luxurious, fully recycled gift box because even Mother Earth deserves a touch of glam. 💍✨

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