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Get ready for a dose of macabre chic with this 14ct White Gold ring, hand-carved and cast in the depths of Los Angeles. Dive into the spooky elegance of my White Gold Signet Ring, featuring a hauntingly beautiful skull design. It's not just a ring; it's a rebellion against the ordinary. Crafted to defy the mundane, this unique piece orchestrates a symphony of darkness and luxury, urging you to break free from the shackles of convention. Time to let your inner mystique take the spotlight.

Behold, a solid 14ct White Gold signet ring boasting a petite yet captivating skull design. The crown of this ring measures 9.5x7.1mm. But wait, there's more – you can snatch it up in 14ct Rose Gold, Yellow Gold, Sterling Silver, or even Platinum. Because why limit your choices when it comes to making a statement?

Alright, let's dive into the world of White Gold! 🌟👑

So, White Gold is like the chameleon of the jewelry world. It's not just pure Gold; it's Gold hanging out with some other metals, like Silver or Palladium. And here's the thing, depending on which buddies Gold invites to the party and how much of each metal they bring, White Gold can take on different shades. 🎨

The term "White Gold" gets thrown around a lot in the jewellery biz, but it's kinda like the word "white" itself – it covers a whole bunch of colours. Think pale yellow, slightly brownish, or even a hint of rose. 🌼🍂🌷

Now, when it comes to the exact mix of metals, there are a couple of recipes. One is the Gold–Palladium–Silver combo, and the other is Gold–Nickel–Copper–Zinc. But here's a little heads-up: some folks might be sensitive to nickel, especially if they wear it for a long time. It's like that one friend who's great at parties but can get on your nerves if they stick around too much. 😅

Now, if you're wondering about the Gold itself, it's rarely pure Gold. Even before its White Gold makeover, it often has a touch of something else in it, like a mercury alloy. And guess what? That can cause some people to have an allergic reaction. Ouch! 🤧

But no worries, when I get my White Gold from the EU, it usually leans more towards the Gold–Palladium–Silver mix. And for any vintage pieces or preloved gems, I give 'em a makeover with a splash of Rhodium. That keeps 'em looking fresh and shiny. 💍✨

And here's a pro tip: avoid taking your White Gold jewellery for a swim, especially in pools with lots of chlorine. Chlorine can be a bit of a buzzkill and speed up the fading of that Rhodium plating. Nobody wants that! 😎💧

So there you have it, White Gold, a bit of a mix but still a star in the jewellery world! ⭐✨

PSA: These fabulous rings are bespoke wonders, making their grand entrance from the USA. Get ready to embrace the virtue of patience; allow 6-8 weeks for them to pirouette onto your doorstep (though let's be honest, they usually sashay in fashionably within a fortnight – speedy rings, darling!). UK sizes G-T as standard.

Each of these beauties is handcrafted to order in the atelier of my US supplier. Back in the days of Elizabethan England, the Death's-Head Skull, minus the lower jawbone, was the holy grail for rebels, rakes, and nighttime adventurers. The term Death's-Head was practically a VIP pass for these rogues, and half-skull rings were their way of shouting it from the rooftops. Skulls and skeletons also take center stage at Mexico's Day of the Dead – a worldwide celebration of all things macabre.

Here's a history nugget: Seals were the original authenticity stamp, ensuring legit transactions. Some businesses still swear by a company seal for that extra dose of authenticity. The signet ring, an ancient tradition holder, still stands tall today.

Layaway is on the table with flexible terms – just drop me a message!

Fun fact: In the Bronze Age, thousands of years ago, the twelve tribes of Israel flaunted their own seal. And the craftsman carving these seals? The VIP librarian of ancient times. Crowns of early signet rings were bedazzled with Peridot, Sardonyx, and Jasper – stunning, tough, and easy to carve.

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