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Christine Alexander Fine Jewellery

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Hey there, you fabulously curious shoppers! Massive kudos for dropping by my little online sanctuary. Get ready to strap yourselves in for a rollercoaster ride through a wonderland of delights because, trust me, there's a little somethin'-somethin' here to tickle everyone's fancy. And let me tell ya, these treasures are as rare as a unicorn sighting at a rodeo, so buckle up and let those peepers do the heavy lifting.

Now, let's dish about this special stunner I've got lined up for you – a 14ct Yellow Gold ring bedazzled with a cherub design, primed and ready to add a sprinkle of celestial magic to your pinky. Here's the lowdown: it's available in UK sizes G-O, with a cute lil' ring head measuring 8.84mm in diameter and a band width that's as sleek as a supermodel on a catwalk at 2.1mm. And guess what? It's tipping the scales at a modest 3.19g.

This ring? Oh, honey, it's the real deal, a total heart-stealer through and through. But, fair warning: these dainty darlings are made to order and come from the States, so brace yourself for a bit of a wait – allow 6-8 weeks for delivery (although, between you and me, I've never been left twiddling my thumbs for longer than a fortnight... so far!).

Now, onto the juicy stuff – layaway, baby! I have a sweet deal that lets you spread the love without busting the bank. There is no interest, no fuss, just pure convenience. You could snatch up this beauty with a deposit of £370, then divvy up the rest into easy-peasy instalments. The terms? Oh, they're as flexible as a yoga instructor at a pretzel factory. Just give me a holler, and we'll get the ball rolling. Oh, and remember, PayPal's the name of the game here, so make sure your account's good to go.

Now, let's take a stroll down memory lane, shall we? Humans have been bedecking themselves with bling since time immemorial. From symbols of status to tokens of affection, jewellery has always held a special place in our hearts. And those cherubs? Oh, they've been spreading love and peace since the Renaissance, and now they're making a triumphant return to the world of bling – talk about a blast from the past!

And hey, let's not overlook the humble pinky ring – a true classic with a history as rich as a chocolate fondue fountain. From ancient civilizations to royal courts, these little beauties have been making waves for centuries. And nowadays, they're not just for the upper crust – everyone from Hollywood heartthrobs to chart-topping rockstars is getting in on the action. So why not treat yourself to a slice of history? Your pinky finger deserves it, darling!

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