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18-carat White Gold skinny Sapphire tennis bracelet set with 2.2ct of deep blue stones. Beautifully crafted, finely set and articulated, this piece of jewellery is elegant, supple and a joy to wear. The bracelet locks easily into position with a tongue and groove fastening, and there are two clasps for increased security.

The Sapphires are genuine, each one fully cut. They last forever, they have fabulous colour and because of the brilliant cut, a twinkle and sparkle. Set in 18ct White Gold, this bracelet goes with any outfit. From jeans and a t-shirt to a cocktail dress.

Comes complete with a presentation case, insurance valuation and a 5-year warranty. 18cm/7 1/8" in length.

Also available with Rubies & Tsavorite Garnets.

LAYAWAY: I offer layaway, which allows you to pay in instalments with no interest over a maximum time period of six months. This item could be paid for with:

A deposit of £1349

2 instalments of £1005

3 instalments of £670

4 instalments of £502.50

Terms are flexible. Please get in touch with me to initiate. PayPal required. You do not receive the item until fully paid for. See my Policies page for Ts&Cs.

Sapphires are known and revered the world over for their beauty and mystery. In Western civilisations, the  Sapphire has long been the traditional stone of choice to set alongside Diamonds for a man wanting to express his love and commitment to someone special. The unquestionably exquisite and perfectly turned-out Mrs Simpson received many gems from Edward VIII.  Indeed, she was so proud of one bracelet,  designed by Van  Cleef and Arpels, that apparently, she asked her tailor to shorten the sleeves of all her dresses and blouses so that everyone could see her Sapphires. Late in 2010, the late Princess Diana's engagement ring once again became popular when her eldest son Prince William gave his mother's ring to Kate Middleton when they got engaged in October 2010. Sapphires come in a  range of colours,  from summer sky blues to jet black, colourless and all colours in between. The wide array of different hues seen in Sapphires is due to the presence of different impurities found in their crystal structure. Chromium trapped inside  Corundum allows us to enjoy  Pink  Sapphire and in larger quantities gives us the  Ruby (when Corundum is red it is renamed Ruby instead of Sapphire). This gem is the birthstone of September and is associated with the Zodiac sign of Taurus. It is also the gift for the 5th, 45th and 70th anniversaries.

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