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Picture this: a 9ct Gold ring, where the oval Garnet is breaking all the rules by chilling horizontally, giving Diamonds a front-row seat in a single row. It's like the rebel of the gem world, saying, "I'll set how I want, thank you very much!" This east-west setting isn't just a setting; it's a vibe. It doesn't just sit on your finger; it stretches it out like it's on a gem-powered yoga retreat. And, bonus points, there's prime real estate for stacking or slipping on that wedding ring when you're ready to take the plunge.

And here's a plot twist – it's not just a ring; it's an unconventionally modern promise or engagement ring. Because why settle for ordinary when you can declare your love with a finger party that defies tradition?

Sizes J-Q are the cool kids in town, but if your digits demand a different VIP section, just holler. Flexibility is our middle name.

Now, let's talk Layaway, the superhero of budget-friendly gem procurement. Pay in instalments, no interest, maximum chill. Want a piece of this Gold and Garnet magic? 

Hit me up to kick off the Layaway extravaganza. Just a heads-up, PayPal is the keeper until your gem is all paid up. Policies? We've got 'em – check my Policies page for the details.

And guess what? Your new gem arrives in eco-friendly packaging that's as posh as it is kind to Mama Earth. Free shipping? Absolutely, darling.

Oh, Garnet, the chameleon of gems. These deep purplish-red almandine Garnets were the rockstars of Victorian bling. Who knew Garnet was more than just red? It's the birthstone for January babies, and fun fact – it comes in every colour except blue. So, embrace the Garnet revolution and let this piece take your finger on a rebellious joyride! 💍✨

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