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This beauty of a 9ct White Gold London Blue Topaz & Diamond band is perfect! Wear it alongside your engagement ring, as a wedding band by itself, or as a right-hand ring. 3mm princess-cut inky blue-hued Topaz are channel set, and accented by little round Diamonds, keeping the price affordable whilst providing maximum twinkle. 

Available in UK sizes J-Q. Sizes outside this range are possible, please contact me.

This fabulous design is also available with Emerald, Ruby and Amethyst, and in Blue Topaz in Yellow Gold. If no link, please get in touch for details.

LAYAWAY: I offer layaway, which allows you to pay in instalments with no interest over a maximum time period of six months. This item could be paid for with:

A deposit of £175

2 instalments of £80

4 instalments of £40

6 instalments of £26.66

Terms are flexible. Please contact me to initiate. PayPal required. You do not receive the item until fully paid for. See my Policies page for Ts&Cs.

It has been known as a  powerful magnetic stone throughout the ages that attract love and fortune. Having been discovered over 2500 years ago,  Topaz gems are also called apocalyptic stones.  It is even suggested that if you wear Blue Topaz along with Moonstone it may help encourage the right mindset and willpower for weight loss. The Greeks felt that it gave them strength, as well as supposedly relieving insomnia, and restoring sanity; it was even said to be able to detect poisons. The  Egyptians believed the stone received its colour from the golden glow of the Sun God -  Ra. In the 1100s a large Golden Topaz was said to have been donated to a  monastery by  Lady Hildegarde  (wife of  Theodoric,  Count of  Holland),  which was so luminous that it was used at night to light the inside of the chapel. In  Europe during the  Renaissance  (1300 – 1600) Topaz was believed to break evil spells and dispel anger.

Blue was once amongst the rarest colour to be seen in Topaz. Today, through colour treatments being refined, there are three stunning Blue Topaz colours: Sky Blue, Swiss Blue and London Blue. This ring features London Blue Topaz. Regardless of the design or setting London Blue Topaz flaunts vivid colours of intense dusty blue with inky undercurrents. Whether suspended from your ears arranged on your neck or wrapped around your finger this denim-toned topaz constantly dazzles.

London Blue Topaz is by nature a romantic gem and often figures in love stories as well as for honeymoon escapades. This gem signifies beauty uniqueness affluence and reveals a sense of endurance.

White Gold is an alloy of Gold and at least one white metal (usually nickel, Silver, or Palladium). White gold is usually enhanced with Rhodium plating. To preserve this plating, avoid swimming in your jewellery as chlorine, in particular, can cause faster degradation. Chlorine is present in small amounts in tap water, so it is best to avoid getting your jewellery wet where possible.  It is a simple matter to have items re-plated.

Please be assured that your item will be packaged to the best of our ability, with ample protective packaging in a mailing bag or box. Our postage costs reflect the weighed packaged item, good quality packaging and insurance against loss or damage.

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