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Beautiful and versatile Iolite eternity ring featuring deep lilac Iolites in an attractive modern, slim 9ct Yellow Gold setting. The ring has a full UK hallmark, assayed in London. The ring works well on its own or as a stacking ring.

UK sizes J-Q are available; if your size is not represented here please do contact me as sizing may be possible.

This design is also available with Garnet, Ruby, Pink Sapphire, Sapphire, Tsavorite Garnet and Yellow Sapphire, and matching huggie hoops in all stones also. 

Your ring comes beautifully boxed and will be sent by Royal Mail Special Delivery.

LAYAWAY PAYMENTS ACCEPTED. Layaway payments can be organised weekly or monthly; please contact me for more information regarding my Layaway plan. PayPal required.

This inky blue gemstone is actually dichroic, meaning it displays many different colours depending on the light that it is in. The name Iolite comes from the Greek “ion”, which means “violet flower”. When well cut, Iolite can display a purplish, violet-blue and has a tender softness in colour. The gemstone is renowned for its pleochroism, whereby different colours can be seen from different directions (as you turn an Iolite, you will see a yellowish blue from one angle, an intense blue from another angle and a light Aquamarine blue to almost colourless from the third angle). As with many gemstones, the deeper and richer the colour, the better in quality it is considered and therefore demands a higher price. The gem is normally cut into round brilliant cuts, although top-coloured specimens can sometimes be step cut in order to highlight their exceptional colour. Iolite is said to enhance curiosity and achievement; many believe it can guide you through spiritual growth.

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