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Check out these elegant 9ct White Gold Cubic Zirconia square cut stud earrings – they're the perfect way to add a touch of sparkle to your day! 💫 Sold as a charming pair of studs, these little gems are set in a delightful Gold basket setting. And guess what? You've got options! Choose between two sizes: a dainty 3mm or a slightly bolder 6mm. Plus, if you're feeling the golden vibes, these beauties are also available in 9ct Yellow Gold.

But that's not all – these stunners come gift-ready, nestled in a branded gift box. Perfect for treating yourself or gifting someone special. And if you're picking up a few pairs, no worries – we'll pop them in the same box unless you tell us otherwise.

Let's talk materials because quality matters. These studs and scrolls are crafted with nothing but 9ct White Gold – no base metal here unless I've clearly stated otherwise. I believe in giving you the real deal, so you can enjoy your jewellery with confidence.

Before you hit that order button, take a quick peek at my shop's policy page (it's right at the bottom of the page). It's always good to be in the know!

Now, a bit of gemology for you – Cubic Zirconia (CZ) is like the Diamond's chic cousin. It's the cubic crystalline form of zirconium dioxide (ZrO2). But don't mix it up with Zircon, which is a natural gemstone made of zirconium silicate (ZrSiO4). Cubic Zirconia's claim to fame is its affordable price tag, impressive durability, and uncanny resemblance to Diamond. In fact, it's been giving Diamonds a run for their money since it burst onto the scene in 1976.

And since we're on the topic of Gold, let's chat about White Gold. It's like Gold's cool alter ego, made by mixing Gold with at least one white metal – typically nickel, Silver, or Palladium. Now, the term "White Gold" gets tossed around pretty loosely in the jewellery world. It covers a wide spectrum of colours, from pale yellow to tinted brown and even a very pale rose. The alloys used in the industry can vary, like Gold–Palladium–Silver or Gold–Nickel–Copper–Zinc. But here's a heads-up – some White Gold alloys contain nickel, and that can trigger allergies if worn over a long time. It's also possible for Gold to have traces of a mercury alloy from its production, which can cause allergies too. 😬

To play it safe, I source my White Gold from the EU, where the mix usually leans towards the nickel-free side. But here's the catch – when it comes to preloved or vintage pieces, it's like a mystery mix, and I can't always know what's in there. So, I often give them a fresh coat of Rhodium to minimize any risks. All new White Gold items get treated to a Rhodium plating for that extra shine. ✨

To keep your jewellery looking fabulous, avoid taking a dip in the pool with it – chlorine isn't its best friend. And remember, even tap water has a touch of chlorine, so keep your bling dry where you can. If it needs a little refresh, no biggie – re-plating is a breeze.

Now you're all set to dazzle with your new studs! 💎✨

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