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Behold, the solid Rose Gold Moonstone pendant, a piece that channels antique charm and flaunts a 10mm Moonstone with a checkerboard cut that's all sorts of mesmerising. Handmade from scratch to finish, this pendant swings gracefully on a dainty 9ct Rose Gold chain, adjustable from 16 to 18 inches. It's the kind of necklace that'll make your heart skip a beat, perfect for gifting someone special, or yourself – because you're worth it, darling!

You've got options here, loves. This necklace shines in both Yellow and Rose Gold. And that's not all – there's a pair of matching stud or drop earrings and even a bracelet waiting in the wings. And if you fancy a different gemstone vibe, I've got Amethyst, Blue Topaz, and Labradorite in the same design.

Every piece of this treasure trove ships in a branded gift box, just waiting to delight its destined wearer.

Now, let's talk Moonstones. These little gems are like the moon itself – shrouded in romantic allure. Kings, queens, and jewellery aficionados have cherished them for ages. And here's a fun tidbit: Moonstone shares the birthstone stage with Alexandrite and Pearls for all those June babies.

Now let's get a bit artsy with it. Picture a chessboard, slightly rotated so one corner rests on a table, making those black and white squares more diamond-shaped. This cutting style is all about turning your gem into a little Christmas tree, with facets lighting up like twinkling holiday lights. They call it scintillation, and it's as captivating as it sounds.

Now, let's talk about Rose Gold. Some folks believe it's the wise elder of the Gold family, but the truth is a tad more nuanced. You see, Rose Gold does have a rich history, with copper being used as an alloy for centuries, possibly even longer than Silver. But here's the kicker – the colour of a Gold jewellery piece doesn't necessarily reveal its age. It's more about the trends and styles of a particular era.

Got questions, desires, or whims? Don't hesitate to drop a line. Your satisfaction is our aim! 🌙💫✨

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