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Hey there, my lovely stars! Let's dive into the world of exquisite elegance. Picture this: a pair of stunning love knot stud earrings, but not just any earrings – these are crafted in the enchanting blend of 9ct Yellow and White Gold. They fasten securely with delicate Gold butterflies, ensuring they'll stay put and keep you shining.

But wait, there's more magic to this – you can also snag these beauties in Rose & White Gold. And that's not all; there are matching necklaces and bracelets in both these exquisite finishes. So, even if they're out of stock, fret not! You can place an order with a reasonable 4-6 week lead time. Just give me a shout, and we'll make it happen.

Now, let's talk convenience. I get it; not everyone wants to splash out all at once. That's where my layaway payments come in. You can split the cost and pay at your own pace, whether that's weekly or monthly. Just shoot me a message, and we'll set it up. Oh, and PayPal is your partner in this glittery adventure.

But let's get into the juicy stuff – the symbolism of knots. Knots in jewellery have been a symbol of eternity and love for ages, both in the East and the West. It's like two individuals coming together, creating an interwoven union where two become one in this beautiful symbol. The knot loops around and around, signifying a love that's undying and eternal.

Now, you might have heard the phrase 'tying the knot' when it comes to weddings, right? Well, that's because couples back in the day used to have their hands bound in an endless knot as part of the wedding ritual. The knot, in all its variations, is still a widely popular and commonly used motif today, just as it was back then.

And guess what? These stunning studs come in a fully recycled branded gift box because we believe in keeping things beautiful inside and out.

So, my darlings, whether you're treating yourself or surprising a loved one, these love knot studs are a symbol of everlasting love and elegance. Shine on, you beautiful souls! 💖✨

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