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Christine Alexander Fine Jewellery

Regular price £43.00

Alright, prepare to be buzzed, darlings, because these adorable bumblebee stud earrings are sweeter than honey itself! Crafted in Sterling Silver with Rhodium Plating, they're the bee's knees and the perfect finishing touch for any ensemble. Petite yet oh-so-charming at 6x10mm, these little beauties are bursting with intricate detail.

But wait, there's more! Want to take your bee love to the next level? We've got matching pendants and even options in Gold Vermeil, so you can coordinate your buzz-worthy look from head to toe.

And let's talk presentation – because every piece of Christine Alexander Jewellery comes nestled inside a free recycled box, adding that extra special touch to your purchase.

Now, let's get symbolic, shall we? Bees have been buzzing around in symbolism since ancient times, representing everything from community and love to brightness, royalty, and the wealth of knowledge. So why not add a little dose of good luck to your accessory game with these charming bee earrings? Trust me, you'll be the queen bee of style in no time. 🐝

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