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Christine Alexander Fine Jewellery

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Darlings, feast your eyes on these utterly fabulous Gold Vermeil hoop earrings. They're totally fierce and they'll match whatever you're sipping - or, I mean, wearing! These stunners are handcrafted in Sterling Silver, then kissed with an 18k Yellow Gold Vermeil coating, at least a micron thick. These hinged Huggies? Oh, they're not just jewellery, they're wearable works of art. Trust me, they'll last you a lifetime. And can we talk about those round Cubic Zirconia stones? They're deep, blood red, and honestly, they're giving you Ruby-level drama.

Guess what?Ā I'm not just stopping at red. These hotties also come inĀ beauteous blue and gorgeous green Cubic Zirconia stones. And just a heads-up, a Silver version is on its way, too. Options, options, options!

Oh, and speaking of options, each piece of my jewellery is packaged to perfection, ready to be gifted. And darling, I'm all about making things easy - I can even ship directly to the lucky recipient. No fuss, no stress, just fabulousness.

Now, let's chat rocks. I mean, I adore Rubies, have NO doubt. But let's spill the tea -Ā red Cubic Zirconia is like the dazzling cousin, equally clear but, wait for it, flawless. It's a laboratory-made star, making it super wallet-friendly without sacrificing style. It's got a serious Mohs Scale game, scoring an 8.5 compared to a Diamond's perfect 10 or a Ruby's 9. It might not be a Ruby, but honey, it's got that vibe. So why are we waiting around for some "one day" bling? Let's rock the equally gorgeous right now. What do you say?

You know, I'm just overflowing with gratitude for every single order that comes my way. Every piece is a labour of love, carefully crafted by skilled Goldsmiths in both the UK and the US. It's like a glam international collaboration!

Feeling the sparkle? Well, let's keep the glitz going, shall we? Catch up with me on Instagram @christinealexanderofshoreham for the latest scoop on dazzling designs, updates, sales, and evenĀ an occasionalĀ fabulous giveaway! Shine on, you absolute gem! šŸ’«

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