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Introducing this stunning Gold Vermeil bracelet featuring chic black Agate beads and a charming crescent moon. It's all about simple, dainty elegance, perfect for your everyday style. Stack it up with your other dainty bracelets and revel in that fabulous black and Gold combo. This beauty measures around 7 inches in length.

Now, let's talk about that gorgeous black Agate. This gem has been cherished for ages and belongs to the Quartz family. Even the Bible gave it a shout-out as one of the "stones of fire." And it's not just a pretty face; Agate is tough, ranking 7 on the Mohs scale, making it a go-to for crafting brooches and pins. It often forms in the cavities of cooling lava, where gas bubbles turn into alkali and silica-rich solutions. Varieties like Onyx, Sardonyx, and more are all part of the Agate family.

While Agate can be found across the globe, the finest quality gems hail from Brazil's Rio Grande do Sul.

Now, let's get to the bling factor: Vermeil! It's the fancy term for Gold-plated Silver. With some TLC, your Vermeil jewellery will keep that golden glow for years. But remember, over time, the plating can wear, revealing the Silver beneath. Keep it away from household chemicals, especially chlorine, and take it off before swimming or showering. If you want to refresh that shine, a re-plating is all it takes.✨💫

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