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Christine Alexander Fine Jewellery

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I'm in love with this new Sterling Silver sun symbol pendant! Fabulous style, open in the centre. Perfect for this summer, great for wearing on holiday while leaving your more valuable jewels safely at home. A fantastic layering piece. 

This listing is for the pendant only; if a chain is also required I recommend this one. Also available in Gold Vermeil.

In Africa, The Tiv people consider the Sun to be the son of the Moon Awondo's daughter and the supreme being Awondo. Some Sara people also worship the Sun.  The ancient Egyptian god of creation, Amun is also believed to reside inside the sun. Also in Egypt, there was a religion that worshipped the Sun directly and was among the first monotheistic religions: Atenism. The earliest deities associated with the Sun are all goddesses: Wadjet, Sekhmet, Hathor, Nut, Bast, Bat, and Menhit.

 Jewellery is best stored individually in a soft pouch or a box with compartments away from sunlight and where harder gemstones can’t scratch softer ones.

With the discovery of America and the plundering of Silver by the Spanish conquistadors, Central and South America became the dominant producers of Silver until around the beginning of the 18th century, particularly Peru, Bolivia, Chile, and Argentina: the last of these countries later took its name from that of the metal that composed so much of its mineral wealth. As one historian put it, Silver "went round the world and made the world go round."  A Portuguese merchant in 1621 noted that Silver "wanders throughout all the world... before flocking to China, where it remains as if at its natural centre." "New World mines," concluded several historians, "supported the Spanish empire."  Poland emerged as an important producer during the 1970s after the discovery of copper deposits that were rich in Silver, before the centre of production returned to the Americas the following decade.


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