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These open circle studs are made of 18ct Gold plated Sterling Silver, so are tarnish resistant and guaranteed to last. They're simple yet eye-catching enough to wear every day. 14mm in diameter.

All my pieces come boxed and ready for gift-giving.

Sold as a pair. Also available in Rhodium plated Silver. Comes with Gold Vermeil butterfly backs.

The circle can be masculine (as the sun) but also feminine (as the maternal womb). The Chinese yin-yang symbol of male and female interdependence uses two colours within a circle, divided by an S-shaped curve, each including a smaller circle of the opposite colour. Dynamism is added to the circle in the many images of discs with rays, wings or flames found in religious iconography, notably Sumerian, Egyptian and Mexican. Concentric circles can stand for celestial hierarchies (as in the choirs of angels symbolising heaven in Renaissance art), levels in the afterworld or, in Zen Buddhism, stages of spiritual development. 

How to prevent vermeil from degradation:

- Try and keep it away from chemicals.

- Remove the necklace before making any water contact.

- Avoid applying any sort of body sprays directly to the necklace.

- If you know you will sweat, remove the necklace beforehand.

- Keep the necklace stored in the jewellery box provided when not in use.

- Use a soft cloth and gently smooth the necklace to clean and keep the shine.

- Do not use any jewellery cleaning products on the necklace other than a soft cloth.

- If you are going to apply any lotion, oils or body products, wait until it is dry before you put the necklace on.

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