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This beautiful Cubic Zirconia cluster necklace is sure to make one girl very very happy.

It's the perfect gift; made from Rhodium-plated Sterling Silver with the prettiest oval cluster design. With twinkling round brilliant cut stones all the way around, it's dainty, feminine and full of vintage charm, and the central beautifully cut stone has a wonderful lustre and sparkle..

I love the way the setting behind is mostly open to allow light to pass through. It's a real stunner and ready to be worn and enjoyed.

The Silver chain is cable-style, 18" in length, making it both stylish and comfortable for everyday wear. A matching ring and stud earrings are also available.

Don’t get me wrong, I am partial to Diamonds. However, Cubic Zirconia is similar to Diamond in brilliance and clarity but is flawless. It is made in laboratories in large quantities and as such is much more affordable and in many cases, ethical... It is almost as hard as Diamond at 8.5 on the Mohs Scale in comparison to a Diamond's 10. It is not a Diamond though it has many Diamond-like qualities. Isn’t it time that we stop lusting after the Diamonds we will have "one day" and rock something just as beautiful until that day arrives? Why not?!

A precious white metal from the Platinum family, Rhodium costs eight times more than pure gold (23 times more than 9ct Gold) and four times more than its relative Platinum! A very hard and scratch-resistant metal, it is sometimes used to plate silver, where it also prevents it from tarnishing. As it is whiter in appearance than White Gold and Platinum, it is often used as a coating and is sometimes referred to as Rhodium flashing. It is often electroplated on the shoulders or prongs of Yellow Gold rings, in order to create an illusion setting for Diamonds.

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