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Hey, style icons! 🌟 Prepare to swoon over these darling, classic (maybe even bridal?) stud earrings that effortlessly blend vintage charm with a modern twist. Picture this: a delightful oval halo design, adorned with petite oval-cut Sapphire blue Cubic Zirconia, all set in a Rhodium-plated Silver setting. The cherry on top? A halo of clear pave-set stones that scream elegance!

And because variety is the spice of life, these stunners are also available with centre stones in clear, Emerald green, Ruby red, and champagne Cubic Zirconia. Want to go all out? We've got matching pendant necklaces and rings waiting to complete your ensemble.

Quick gemology lesson: Cubic Zirconia (CZ) is the cubic crystalline form of zirconium dioxide. It's not to be confused with Zircon, a natural gemstone. Now, why has CZ been stealing the spotlight since 1976? Well, it's a budget-friendly, durable gem that mirrors the sparkle of diamonds, making it a gemological superstar.

Let's talk about Rhodium, the platinum family's precious white knight. It costs a whopping eight times more than pure gold (23 times more than 9ct Gold) and four times more than Platinum – talk about a luxe player! Known for its hard-as-nails, scratch-resistant nature, Rhodium earns extra credit by preventing silver from tarnishing. If it were a colour, it'd be the crispest white in the box, often used as a coating or "Rhodium flashing" to add that extra oomph to White Gold and Platinum. Fun fact: it's the go-to electroplate for creating illusions in Diamond settings.

Now, every gem has its quirks when it comes to care. Many cleaning products can be a bit much for softer, porous, or organic gems. When in doubt, a soft, moist cloth is your gem's best friend.

Oh, and a little gem-storage tip: each piece is a diva in its own right, so pop them in a soft pouch or a box with compartments, away from the harsh sun, ensuring the diamonds won't play rough with the softer gems. Shine on, you dazzling souls! ✨💎

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