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Christine Alexander Fine Jewellery

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Pentagon bangle made from Sterling Silver. This eco-friendly minimalist bangle looks great for any occasion. It has a polished finish and is smooth and durable; made from a round solid cylinder. My bangles come ready for gifting in a fully recycled Christine Alexander branded box.

Please get in touch with me if you would like this bangle in a hammered finish or a different metal; I can accommodate most custom requests.

A collection designed and made in the UK, based on the pentagon. Five is, in symbolism, the human number. It is often represented graphically by a man whose head and outstretched limbs form a five-pointed star. Other associations are with love, health, sensuality, meditation, analysis, criticism, strength, integration, organic growth and the heart. It was linked generally in the classical world with Aphrodite (in Roman myth, Venus), the goddess of love and marriage. In Mesopotamian tradition, the goddess of love and war, Ishtar’s planet was also Venus.

Five is the Japanese Buddhist emblem of perfection. In Christian iconography five refers to the number of Christ’s wounds. Five is a symbol of strength in Judaism, and the number of the quintessence in alchemy. 

So the pentagon has many meanings; most of the pieces I have sold have been to represent families of five, persons or children; which brings us back to love, in a less obvious, modern, clean, geometric form.

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