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Christine Alexander Fine Jewellery

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Alright, brace yourselves for some bee-tastic brilliance, folks! These darling bumblebee stud earrings in Sterling Silver with 18ct Yellow Gold Vermeil are sweeter than a jar of honey and are the ultimate accessory for any occasion. Petite and precious at 6x10mm, they're packed with delightful detail that's sure to make a buzz wherever you go.

But hold onto your hats – the fun doesn't stop there! We've got matching pendants to complete your look, available in Rhodium Plated Sterling Silver for those who prefer a sleeker vibe.

And for that extra touch of magic, each piece of Christine Alexander Jewellery comes nestled in a free recycled box, because presentation is key, darling.

Now, let's talk symbolism – bees have been buzzing around in ancient folklore for centuries, symbolising everything from community and love to brightness, royalty, and good luck. So why not channel that positive energy with these charming bee earrings? Trust me, you'll feel like the queen bee of style.

Now, a quick PSA about Vermeil – it's a fancy process where a layer of gold is plated onto Sterling Silver, but because it's not solid gold, it needs a little TLC. So, no spritzing perfume or other sprays while you're rocking your Gold Vermeil jewellery, and make sure your lotions are fully absorbed before you slip them on. And remember, keep your Vermeil beauties away from substances like oil, nail polish, chlorine, and perfume to keep them shining bright. After each wear, give them a gentle wipe with a soft cloth to keep them looking fly. 🐝 Oh, and excuse the ragged cuticles – it's been months since I've had a proper mani. #ToughTimes

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