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Christine Alexander Fine Jewellery

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Classic simple Platinum fine curb chain. Curb chains are generally considered one of the strongest chain designs. This is a unisex chain that fastens with a bolt ring.

Perfect for that spectacular Platinum & Diamond pendant. Platinum, despite being stronger, heavier and denser than Gold, is also softer. So wearing your Platinum pendant on a White Gold chain is a false economy, as eventually the bale or pendant structure itself will wear away, endangering your pendant. 

Available in 16-20" lengths. 

LAY-AWAY PAYMENTS ACCEPTED. Layaway payments can be organised weekly or monthly; please contact me for more information regarding my Layaway plan. PayPal required.

Platinum is a third heavier than 18k gold and is the most expensive metal used in making jewellery  (other than the rhodium used in plating). To help comprehend the rarity of platinum, it was once suggested that if all the platinum in the world was poured into an Olympic swimming pool it would not even cover your ankles! In the 18th century, the rarity of platinum was brought to the attention of King Louis XV of France, who declared that it was the only metal fit for a king.

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