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Christine Alexander Fine Jewellery

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Hey, fabulous peeps! 💎 Let's dive into the world of Platinum glam with this classic and simple Platinum fine curb chain. 🌟

Picture this: a strong and resilient design that's like the Hercules of chains, fastening with a charming bolt ring – totally unisex chic! Perfect pairing for that show-stopping Platinum & Diamond pendant you've been eyeing. Now, here's a little insider tip: Platinum may be stronger and denser than Gold, but it's a bit of a softie, too. So, strutting your Platinum pendant on a White Gold chain? Not the best idea, honey. That's a faux pas in the jewellery world because eventually, that pendant will be in danger! Yikes! 🚨

Sizes? We've got the Goldilocks range – not too short, not too long – just right! Choose from 16 to 20 inches and find your perfect fit. And guess what? If you're drooling over this but thinking, "Wallet, don't fail me now," fear not! Layaway payments are the real MVP here. Whether you're all about that weekly or monthly life, we've got a plan for you. Hit me up for the deets on this PayPal-powered Layaway magic. 💸💖

Now, let's talk Platinum – it's like the VIP of metals, heavier than 18ct Gold and a splurge-worthy choice for your bling. Rarity check: if all the Platinum in the world had a pool party, it wouldn't even tickle your ankles – that's how exclusive it is! And get this, even King Louis XV of France said, "Platinum is the only metal fit for a king." 👑 So, there you have it – platinum perfection, fit for royalty and YOU! 🌈✨

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