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I've owned this darling bird ring for about six or seven years, but it's time for her to find a new home. These charming 3-piece crane/stork/swan/egret rings (I've never quite figured out which bird she is, see symbolism for each below) are designed to adorn a single finger, creating an adorable animal or worn separately on different fingers.

This ring is absolutely unique, quirky, and handmade – possibly hand-painted too! She's eagerly waiting for a special someone to take care of her. Enamel on Brass. 

Each piece fits around a UK N.5 on my mandrel, but since they're open, you can easily adjust them up or down a couple of sizes. When you wear all three together, they provide fantastic finger coverage!

**This item is preloved and as such is sold as-is. Please use the photos to satisfy yourself as to the condition, and ask any questions before purchase.**

Brass is very tough and long-lasting. It does naturally tarnish and needs a little more care. Please be aware when worn close to the skin (rings) it will stain the skin, this does come off when washing. I recommend regularly polishing your jewellery with a microfibre cloth. If it starts to patina, I recommend making a paste from lemon juice and bicarbonate of soda, use a soft toothbrush or cloth and wash the jewellery, repeat until clean, rinse with water and dry thoroughly. Alternately you can scrub your Brass gently with wire wool to bring back that golden shine.

Birds have been revered as symbols of goodness, immortality, and joy across various cultures. In Hindu belief, birds symbolize the love of the Gods and bring the elixir of immortality to humanity. They play vital roles in creation myths and often control elemental powers, like the Native American Thunderbird or the Lightning Bird of Southern Africa. Bird-headed humans in prehistoric and Egyptian art symbolize the spiritual side of human nature and the promise of immortality.

The Crane: This bird represents vigilance, longevity, wisdom, fidelity, and honour. It's especially significant in China and Japan, admired for its beauty, endurance, complex mating dances, vocal charm, and contemplative poise. Its cyclic return suggests regeneration, even serving as a symbol of resurrection in Christianity. Aristotle once described a Crane holding a stone in its mouth to stay awake if it dropped it during sleep. In Egypt, the double-headed Crane symbolizes prosperity.

The Egret: White Egrets are spiritual symbols, celebrated for their beauty and symbolic virtues. They often symbolize purity, grace, and new beginnings, revered in many cultures. The white Egret embodies qualities like wisdom, tranquillity, and determination. Believed to bring good luck, ward off evil, and inspire introspection, they hold significance in Chinese culture, Celtic mythology, and even Christianity.

The Stork: In the Orient, it's a popular emblem of longevity and immortality in Taoism. Their nurturing care and association with new life, as migratory birds of spring, made them sacred to the Greek Goddess Hera (known as Juno in Roman mythology) as protectors of nursing mothers. Western folklore tells tales of Storks delivering babies, and Christian iconography links them with purity, piety, and resurrection.

The Swan: This bird is a symbol of light, death, transformation, poetry, beauty, and melancholy passion, greatly influential in Western literature, music, and ballet. Known for its graceful beauty, it became the heroine of Tchaikovsky’s 1876 ballet Swan Lake. Greek folklore tells of Swans singing an otherworldly song before they die, linking them to poetry and death. In Finnish legend, the Swan of Tuonela symbolizes the underworld's waters. Over time, the Swan evolved into a symbol of fulfilled passion and the fading of love. A pair of Swans, connected by a Gold or Silver chain, pulls the Celtic barque of the Sun.


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