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Behold, the crowned queen of preloved glam – a Gold Vermeil cocktail ring, flaunting an almost 7ct aqua blue-green oval Spinel. Nestled in a regal embrace of round Paste stones and sporting a claw set mount, this size UK P1/2 ring is a lesson in simple sophistication.

Stamped with a 925 for Sterling Silver and plated with the royal treatment of 18ct Yellow Gold, this ring is the epitome of second-hand chic. The star of the show, the Spinel, is a chameleon in disguise – a deep green-blue in natural light and a mysterious minty green in artificial light. Talk about a beauty with a secret!

Now, let's time-travel a bit, shall we? The earliest Spinels, decked out as jewels, made their debut in Buddhist tombs in Kabul, Afghanistan around 100 B.C. The Romans, those trendsetters, brought blue and green Spinel goodies into England during their occupation back in 51 B.C. But the red Spinels? Oh, they've always been the drama queens. From the Renaissance to the 18th Century, they were the rockstars of the gem world. Fun fact: the 170ct red stunner in the British Imperial State Crown was once dubbed the "Black Prince’s Ruby" until someone spilt the tea that it's a red Spinel. Poor marketing, my friends!

Let's talk paste, darling. Usually, the Robin to costume jewellery's Batman, paste is coloured and/or colourless leaded glass. A little history nugget for you: Venice and Bohemia were like the OGs of Paste gems, and England had its moment as the supplier of faceted lead glass for jewelled buckles and buttons. Low intrinsic value aside, Paste gems survived the ages as a peek into the stylish past.

Now, onto the rules of the Cocktail ring game. Brace yourself – there are none! Wear it on any finger, any hand, anytime. If your engagement ring is a diva, maybe let it rock solo on the right hand. But hey, rules are made to be broken, right? Clash those colours, pair purples with oranges, and let your fingers be the canvas for your style masterpiece.

Oh, and a little heads-up – this gem is preloved and proud, so what you see is what you get. Scope out the photos and hit me with your questions before you let the preloved magic begin. And if this ring's got you curious, my store's a treasure trove of more preloved, antique, and vintage gems. Each piece ships to you like a VIP in a recycled gift box, wrapped up snugly in a padded envelope. Because every jewel deserves the royal treatment! 👑💍✨

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