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Alright, my fabulous jewellery aficionados, let’s dive into the slithery allure of the Sterling Silver & Gold Vermeil Snake Bangle. At 26 grams of pure, wrist-hugging elegance, this bangle is your new go-to for any occasion that demands a touch of glamour. With an approximate inside circumference of 2-3/4" x 2-1/4", it comfortably fits wrists from 7" to 8". And let’s not forget those dazzling Cubic Zirconia eyes, ready to hypnotise onlookers with every flick of your wrist.

Sparkling Specs:

  • Material: Sterling Silver & Gold Vermeil
  • Weight: 26 grams
  • Fit: 7" to 8" wrists
  • Gemstones: Cubic Zirconia on head and tail, red Cubic Zirconia eyes

Transformative Elegance

Snakes have slithered their way through mythologies as symbols of healing, transformation, and rebirth. Whether you’re channelling your inner goddess or simply adding a touch of mystique to your ensemble, this bangle is your perfect companion. As the Great Goddess of ancient Crete once twined snakes around her sacred staff, so too can you wrap this beauty around your wrist and guard the mysteries of birth and regeneration.

Variations Galore

Prefer something a little different? This bangle is also available with a Rhodium-plated Silver finish and a Rose Gold Vermeil finish. Haven’t found the links yet? No worries! Drop me a line, and I’ll sort you out faster than you can say “serpentine chic.”

Layaway Like a Boss

Not ready to splurge all at once? I’ve got you covered with flexible layaway options. Spread the cost over up to six months with no interest. Here’s how it could break down:

  • Deposit: £129
  • 2 Instalments: £85 each
  • 3 Instalments: £56.66 each
  • 4 Instalments: £42.50 each
  • 5 Instalments: £34 each

Terms are as flexible as you need them to be. Just contact me to get started. PayPal required, and remember, you don’t get your sparkly prize until it’s fully paid for. Check out my Policies page for all the nitty-gritty details.

Care Tips for Eternal Shine

Remember, all gemstones can suffer from wear and tear. Regularly check for loose stones or damaged claws. Household cleaners and chlorine in swimming pools? Absolute no-gos. Treat your jewellery with the love it deserves, and it will return the favour by looking fabulous for years to come. Avoid household detergents, especially chlorine. Swimming, bathing, or showering? Make it a jewellery-free zone.

Shipping: The Glamorous World of Parcel Patience

UK Domestic Shipping: Fast but Fashionably Late 🚚

For my lovely UK-based customers, your sparkles will typically waltz their way to you in about 5-7 business days. Think of it as joyous anticipation before the big reveal!

International Shipping: The Waiting Game 🌍

For my fabulous international friends, shipping times can vary wildly from 5 to 30 business days. Customs clearance can be a bit of a diva, so patience is key. Good things (and sparkly ones) come to those who wait.

Out of Stock? Not Out of Luck! ✨

If the piece you’ve fallen for is out of stock, don’t fret! It’s available for order with a lead time of 4-10 weeks, depending on my brilliant suppliers. Just drop me a line about your heart's desire, and I’ll do my absolute best to meet your needs.

So there you have it. Whether you’re waiting a few days or a few weeks, remember: great things (and truly fabulous jewellery) take time. Ready to add a bit of sparkle to your life? Click ‘Add to Cart’ and let the magic begin!

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