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Behold this exquisite cable link bracelet, crafted in Rhodium-plated Sterling Silver, adorned with an enchanting open circle trinket. Half of the circle is adorned with shimmering Cubic Zirconia stones, adding a touch of sparkle to this delicate piece. The bracelet is available in a standard 7" length and can be extended further with the 1" extender, ensuring a perfect fit for your wrist.

To complete the set, matching stud earrings are also available. If the link is not provided, please feel free to contact me with any inquiries.

Now, let's have a little chat about Diamonds and Cubic Zirconia. Don't get me wrong, Diamonds hold a special place in my heart. However, let's not overlook the brilliance and clarity of Cubic Zirconia, which happens to be flawlessly crafted. Produced in laboratories in abundance, Cubic Zirconia offers a more affordable and often ethical alternative to Diamonds. With a hardness rating of 8.5 on the Mohs Scale (compared to Diamond's 10), Cubic Zirconia possesses many Diamond-like qualities without being an actual Diamond. So, why not embrace the beauty of Cubic Zirconia and rock something equally stunning until the day we have those coveted Diamonds in our possession? It's time to break free from the illusion of "one day" and revel in the allure of alternatives that are just as captivating.

Let's talk about Rhodium, a precious white metal from the Platinum family. Did you know that it costs eight times more than pure gold and four times more than Platinum itself? This remarkable metal is incredibly hard and scratch-resistant, making it a popular choice for plating high-end Silver jewellery. Not only does it lend a luxurious appearance to the piece, but it also prevents tarnishing. With its radiant white hue, Rhodium is often used as a coating, sometimes referred to as Rhodium flashing, surpassing the whiteness of White Gold and Platinum. In fact, it is frequently electroplated on the shoulders or prongs of Yellow Gold rings to create an illusion setting for Diamonds, adding an extra touch of elegance.

Explore the captivating beauty of this cable link bracelet, adorned with an alluring open circle trinket. Crafted in Rhodium-plated Sterling Silver and embellished with dazzling Cubic Zirconia stones, it's a treasure to behold. Discover the perfect complement to your style and embrace the splendor of alternatives that captivate the heart. Shop now and let your jewelry collection shine.

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