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Christine Alexander Fine Jewellery

Regular price £63.00

It's not every day we come across imitation Ruby jewellery which looks as expensive as the real thing, but these spectacular pear cut stud earrings are a superb example and offered at an exemplary price. 

Their curved facets and open-backed setting combine to create a whole spectrum of geometric forms flashing deep blood and Ruby reds with the slightest of movements! The bright Rhodium Plated Sterling Silver perfectly complements the hot red with tiny clear stones in a halo around their border.

Whether you wear them to work to add a touch of antique style glamour to your everyday outfit or wear them out on the town with your favourite dress, their butterfly backs will keep them safely in place to see you through the day and into the night.

These wonderful studs are also available with a clear centre stone, as well as green, blue and a fine champagne. A matching ring and pendant are also available.

All gemstones can be damaged through wear and tear. Make sure you check for loose stones or damaged claws periodically. Always take your jewellery off whenever you are doing activities that might cause damage. Remember that household cleaners and chlorine in swimming pools can damage gold and many gems.

Different gemstones need different care – remember that many jewellery cleaning products can harm softer, porous or organic gems. If in doubt, a soft moist cloth is suitable for cleaning any gem.

A precious white metal from the Platinum family, Rhodium costs eight times more than pure gold (23 times more than 9ct Gold) and four times more than its relative Platinum! A very hard and scratch-resistant metal, it is sometimes used to plate silver, where it also prevents it from tarnishing. As it is whiter in appearance than White Gold and Platinum, it is often used as a coating and is sometimes referred to as Rhodium flashing. It is often electroplated on the shoulders or prongs of Yellow Gold rings, in order to create an illusion setting for Diamonds.

I love me some antique cut diamonds. There is nothing quite like their brilliance and charm. Their hefty price tag though makes them accessible only to a lucky few. Isn’t it time that we stop lusting after the diamonds we will have "one day" and rock something just as beautiful until that day arrives? Why not?!

Please be assured that your item will be packaged to the best of our ability, with ample protective packaging in a mailing bag or box. Our postage costs reflect the weighed packaged item, good quality packaging and insurance against loss or damage.

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