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Alright, let's talk wrist bling, darling! This bracelet's 7.5 inches of Sterling Silver fabulousness, stamped with a proud 925. But hold on, it's not just your average silver – we've got the VIP treatment here. This bad boy is coated with the precious metal Rhodium. Ever heard of it? It's like the Platinum family's golden child, but it's not gold; it's white and fancy.

Now, here's the 411 on Rhodium – it costs eight times more than pure Gold (yeah, you heard right), 23 times more than your regular 9ct Gold, and four times more than its cousin Platinum. It's the BeyoncΓ© of metals – expensive and everyone wants a piece.

But why Rhodium, you ask? Well, it's tough as nails and scratch-resistant, making your bracelet the superhero of wrist accessories. We even throw in a pro tip: when it's not on your fabulous wrist, keep it in a sealed plastic bag – because even superheroes need a little downtime.

And let's talk packaging – it's not just any box; it's my branded fully recycled box because we're saving the planet while looking glam. Your bracelet comes ready to be gifted, so you can be the friend with the best presents. Go you!

Now, about that Rhodium bling – it's not just a pretty face. It's used to plate Silver, preventing it from going all tarnished. Plus, it's whiter than White Gold and Platinum, so it's like the fairy godmother of metals, making everything shine brighter. They even call it Rhodium flashing – fancy, huh?

But beware my lovelies, this metal likes to keep things dry. No swimming in your bracelet, especially in chlorinated water – it's like kryptonite for Rhodium. And tap water? It's got a dash of chlorine too, so keep your bling away from the wet stuff. If the sparkle starts to fade, no worries – a little re-plating and it's back to shining like the star it is.

And now, the wait – UK orders get their glam in 5-7 working days, while international shipping is a bit of a world tour, taking 1-3 weeks. But trust me, it's worth the wait for this wrist candy.

Follow the glam journey on Instagram: @christinealexanderofshoreham. Because if it's not on the 'gram, did it even happen? πŸ’ŽπŸŒŸ #RhodiumRoyalty #WristCandyWonderland


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