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Christine Alexander Fine Jewellery

Regular price £34.00

A timeless design that is both classic and contemporary, perfect for everyday wear. This ring features three interlocked fine silver bands which roll onto the finger. Light and airy and easy to wear and adore. I love mine as a thumb ring!

Each band measures 2mm wide and this ring comes complete with a gift box. Ready to give,... or keep for yourself.

Available in sizes UK I-V. As this ring is made of three 2mm bands, it is a wider fit so I recommend you size up by one or two sizes. 

Why is number 3 considered to be the magic number? Russian Wedding Rings (or Trinity Interlocking Bands) are a great example of the success of the rule of three in jewellery design. Russian rings are usually made as triple bands, but they can also be made with more or fewer bands. Three individual bands are shaped and permanently interlocked to be worn as a single ring. As a comfortable ring they are also worn as the 'everyday wedding ring' especially with one of the bands set with diamonds, however, trinity rings are not just wedding rings; they can be worn to tell all sorts of stories about family, friends or individuals. 

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