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Christine Alexander Fine Jewellery

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Alright, my lovelies, let’s talk about the epitome of Italian elegance—the Figaro bracelet. These beauties are meticulously crafted in solid Sterling Silver and polished to a dazzling shine. Secured with lobster clasps that say "I’m not going anywhere," these bracelets are the very definition of sleek and timeless.

Available in 7 and 8 inches with a 6.5mm gauge, our Figaro bracelets are the versatile wonders of your jewellery collection. The Figaro isn’t just a style—it’s a phenomenon. Picture this: three standard links followed by an elongated one, creating a pattern that's as classic as a little black dress and as essential as your morning coffee.

Made in Italy, these bracelets are not just accessories—they’re statements. They match everything, from your favourite jeans to that fancy dress you’ve been saving for a special occasion. So, if you’re ready to add a touch of Italian sophistication to your wrist, look no further.

Treat yourself, because you deserve nothing but the best.

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