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Behold, a stunning tennis bracelet! It's decked out in dazzling clear white Cubic Zirconia, with a mix of round and baguette cuts that shimmer like a star-studded night.

This beauty is 7.5 inches long, with a chic 4mm width and it weighs approximately 9.8 grams. Talk about glam!

Now, about Cubic Zirconia - it's like a gemstone's doppelgänger, crafted by humans to mimic the sparkle of Diamonds and other precious stones. It's a bit of a detective story to separate Diamonds from CZ, often involving a thermal conductivity test. Diamond testers, you're up!

Oh, and that term "tennis bracelet"? It's got a rather glamorous origin story. Back in 1987, tennis ace Chris Evert had a little mishap with her Diamond bracelet during a match. It slipped off, and she insisted on pausing the game until she found it. From then on, bracelets like these got the catchy "tennis bracelet" moniker.

Now, let's talk about baguette-cut. It's a fancy cut that gives gemstones a sleek, rectangular look with parallel facets. Think of it like French bread, all long and slender. When set just right, it can make fingers look longer and more elegant. But remember, baguette cuts don't dazzle with tons of sparkle; they're more about that understated, classy, expensive-looking vibe.

Oh, and for all you history buffs, ancient Egyptians really had a taste for the rare and exotic jewels. They went to great lengths to get their hands on gemstones they highly prized. Gold they could find nearby, but Silver was a different story - they had to import it, making it even more valuable than gold at times.

Lastly, it's worth mentioning that this beauty is nickel-free, so it's gentle on sensitive skin. Enjoy your bling!


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