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Alright, fashion mavens and Celtic enthusiasts, gather 'round because we've got earrings that are practically shouting, "Wear me anytime, anywhere – I'm your Celtic charm!" Whether you're deep into the fashion game or just have a soft spot for all things Celtic, these earrings are the accessory du jour.

Crafted from the finest Sterling Silver, these babies are no wallflowers – they're a decent size, making sure everyone notices the intricate trinity knot design. Triquetra, if you want to get fancy. It's like a Celtic theme park right on your ears, and let me tell you, it's a ride worth taking. Pierced ears only, darlings, with a push-on butterfly back – because we like our earrings secure, not doing the Houdini act.

Now, let's get into the deets:

  • Diameter: 10 mm – big enough to make a statement, small enough to not weigh you down.
  • Weight: 1.35g – we're not talking dumbbells, it's the combined weight of both earrings.
  • Metal: Sterling Silver – because anything less is just a fashion faux pas.
  • Findings: Sterling silver scroll backs – for those ears that are pierced and proud.
  • Comes in a cute gift box – because who doesn't love a good unboxing moment?

But, here's the deal – for health and hygiene reasons, these beauties are non-returnable. So, be sure about your commitment to Celtic chic before you hit that order button.

And a little heads up – photos can be deceiving, like that friend who always uses filters. Check the measurements against a ruler before you hit 'buy' to avoid any size-related surprises. You know what they say, measure twice, order once.

Now, about that trinity knot – it's not just a pretty design; it's got some history. Used as a religious symbol, it's like the remix of ancient Pagan Celtic vibes by Christianity. A symbol that's been passed around more than the office coffee mug. Oh, and it's got a cousin in Odin's symbol, the valknut – because even earrings have family drama.

Ready to elevate your ear game? These earrings are not just accessories; they're a declaration of Celtic coolness. Order now and let your ears do the talking. Because who needs subtlety when you can have trinity knots? 🍀💫 #CelticChic #EarringExtravaganza

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