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Sterling Silver crescent moon necklace pave set with Cubic Zirconia stones. This small & dainty necklace is perfect for lovers of minimal jewellery. In a fixed position on a 17" Silver chain with a 1" extender. 

A matching bracelet and stud earrings are available, and this design is also available in Rose Gold Vermeil with black Cubic Zirconia.

The crescent shape is used to represent the Moon, and the Moon deity Nanna/Sin from an early time, visible in Akkadian cylinder seals as early as 2300 BC.  The crescent and star also appear on pre-Islamic coins of South Arabia. It was inherited both in Sassanian and Hellenistic iconography. Numerous depictions show Artemis-Diana wearing the crescent Moon as part of her headdress. The crescent remained in use as an emblem in Sassanid Persia, used as a Zoroastrian regal or astrological symbol. It was used as a heraldic charge by the later 13th century. From its use in Sassanid Persia, the crescent also found its way into Islamic iconography after the Muslim conquest of Persia. The crescent appears to have been adopted as an emblem on military flags by the Islamic armies from at least the 13th century, although the scholarly consensus holds that the widespread use of the crescent in Islam develops later, during the 14th to 15th century. Examples include the flags attributed to Gabes, Tlemcen, Tunis and Buda, Nubia/Dongola (documented by Angelino Dulcert in 1339) and the Mamluks of Egypt.

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