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Christine Alexander Fine Jewellery

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Alright, gather 'round, my lovelies, because I've got a little slice of elegance that's about to elevate your accessory game to new heights! Feast your eyes on this beauty – a Freshwater Pearl and Cubic Zirconia pendant delicately suspended from a Sterling Silver chain. It's the epitome of femininity and daintiness, wrapped up in one stunning piece.

Now, let's talk specs. This pendant comes on a 17" chain, the perfect length to grace your neckline with effortless charm. And can we talk about gift potential? Oh, honey, this is the kind of present that'll have your special someone swooning with delight. Plus, it comes in a gorgeous fully recycled presentation box, because who says luxury can't be eco-friendly?

But wait, there's more! If you're feeling extra fancy, I've got matching drop earrings available too. Because why stop at just one fabulous accessory when you can have a whole coordinated ensemble, am I right?

Oh, and here's a little pro tip for all you Pearl connoisseurs out there – ever wondered if your Pearls are the real deal? Well, here's a trick straight from the jewellery aficionado's handbook: give 'em a rub against your teeth. That's right, you want your Pearl to feel slightly grainy, not smooth. It's like a little authenticity test right in the palm of your hand.

So go ahead, and treat yourself or someone special to a touch of timeless elegance – this necklace is waiting to make its debut in your jewellery collection!

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