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This handmade Sterling Silver Infinity Bangle is highly polished. It has a hinged opening style for ease of wear. Set with sparkling Cubic Zirconia stones that are channel set, with no claws to catch on things. A tongue & groove fastening with a safety catch keeps things secure. 

All my silver jewellery is guaranteed Sterling Silver, not plated, filled or bonded.

LAYAWAY PAYMENTS ARE ACCEPTED. Layaway payments can be organised weekly or monthly; please contact me for more information regarding my Layaway plan. PayPal required.

There are a few key features of Cubic Zirconia that distinguish it from Diamond: 

Hardness. This causes sharp edges to facets in cut crystals to dull and round off in CZ, while with Diamonds the edges remain sharp. 

Cut: Cubic Zirconia gemstones may be cut differently from Diamonds. The facet edges can be rounded or "smooth".

Colour: A Cubic Zirconia is often entirely colourless: equivalent to a perfect "D" on Diamond's colour grading scale.

Thermal conductivity: Cubic Zirconia is a thermal insulator whereas Diamond is the most powerful thermal conductor. This is the way most Diamond testers work; by testing thermal conductivity.

The Infinity sign is also within us, in our very cells & the basic structure of our genes.

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