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This new Silver Cubic Zirconia set Tree of Life ring is one of the most charming rings in this style we've ever had the pleasure of taking care of! It's beautiful, versatile and the perfect statement ring. 

Crafted of pure Sterling Silver, and fully hallmarked, it really is a treasure. It's set with 21 gorgeous Cubic Zirconia stones as leaves, and the flat profile and curved shape are beautiful practical details. This is a ring that would be comfortable enough for everyday wear.

Available in UK sizes J-R; for sizes outside this range please contact me. A matching pair of earrings are available here.

When Celts cleared an area for the purposes of settlement, a single tree would be left in the centre which became known as the Tree of Life. As it also provided nourishment to animals, this tree was believed to take care of all life on Earth. It is said that Celtic tribes would only inhabit locations where such a tree was present. Cutting down your own tribe’s tree was deemed to be one of the worst crimes a Celt could commit.

Don’t get me wrong, I am partial to Diamonds. However, Cubic Zirconia is similar to Diamond in brilliance and clarity but is flawless. It is made in laboratories in large quantities and as such is much more affordable and in many cases, ethical... It is almost as hard as Diamond at 8.5 on the Mohs Scale in comparison to a Diamond's 10. It is not a Diamond though it has many Diamond-like qualities. Isn’t it time that we stop lusting after the Diamonds we will have "one day" and rock something just as beautiful until that day arrives? Why not?!


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