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Hey, fabulous human! Check out my stellar Sterling Silver "Daggers through my heart" necklace – because nothing says "I'm fine, really" like accessorizing with a bit of heartache.

Let's break down the deets: Dagger through my heart pendant, measuring 17.49x15.85mm – it's like Cupid went rogue. The Sterling Silver cable chain? Oh, honey, it's not just quality; it's amazing quality. Wrap that around your neck and feel the drama. Fastened with a bolt ring at the back – because even heartache needs a secure closure. The necklace length is 16" inches, but hold on, use the extender chain, and bam! It's 18". Versatility, darling.

Alright, brace yourself for this l'il powerhouse – we've got a Diamond that's 0.03 carats, rocking a 2.00mm diameter. It's the full cut, I1 clarity strutting its stuff in the G-H colour natural Diamond gang.

Now, let's take a stroll down an ancient fancy town. The Greeks and Romans, with their wild imaginations, had some theories about Diamonds. They thought these little sparklers might be divine tear droplets or bits of fallen stars. Plato, the OG philosopher, even saw them as tiny living beings hosting celestial spirits. Talk about rockstars in the gem world, huh?

So, if you've ever felt like your jewelry should have a touch of divine drama, this diamond's got you covered. It might be small, but it's got a backstory that's straight out of a mythological soap opera. 

Feeling like you want a longer or shorter necklace? Hit me up with a message. I'm like your personal necklace genie – wish granted.

Now, let's talk style. Picture this with some alt Gothic or grunge streetwear – you know, the kind that screams, "I'm mysterious, but also I have excellent taste."

But wait, there's more: The Immaculate Heart of Mary. A bit of spiritual depth for your rebellious soul. Seven swords or wounds, because Mary's heartache game was strong. Roses wrapped around the heart – the perfect mix of beauty and pain. Luke's Gospel and all that jazz – it's like a theological fashion statement.

And guess what? This emotional masterpiece comes in a fully recycled gift box. Sustainable sorrow, anyone?

PLEASE NOTE: These gorgeous earrings are made to order and imported from the USA, so please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery (though I have never waited longer than a fortnight - so far!).

Got questions? Send me a message. I'm always here, ready to assist. Because even in the world of daggers through hearts, customer service matters. Stay fabulous, darling!

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