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Christine Alexander Fine Jewellery

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Behold these dainty dagger-inspired Diamond earrings—12mm of sharp and sassy perfection, ready to slay at any event or just your average Tuesday. Snag a single stud if asymmetry is your vibe, or go all out with a daring pair. Because when it comes to gifting, beautiful and budget-friendly is the name of the game, darling.

Now, let's talk layaway, the no-fuss, no-hassle way to make these stunners yours. Drop a 25-50% deposit, then dance through the next six months with flexible weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly instalments. Your bling will waltz into your life as soon as the balance is cleared. PayPal is the wingman, and voila—gorgeous earrings on your ears, pronto.

And don't you worry about the journey from the USA; these earrings usually strut in within a fortnight, but hey, let's be generous—give them up to 8 weeks. And, oh, did I mention they come in Yellow, Rose, or White Gold, and even Platinum? Options, darling, options.

Now, taking care of your daggers is like nurturing a stylish rebellion. Keep them away from the wet stuff, body lotions, and perfume—no one likes a tarnished rebel. Silver dip? Nah, not for these fierce beauties.

But let's dig into the symbolism, shall we? The dagger, a multitasking symbol—it's been a tool, a weapon, and a power statement. A tattoo of courage and protection, a reminder of inner strength, and a balance between light and dark. Dagger bling can even flirt with themes of love and betrayal, like a love that's as beautiful as it is dangerous. It's all about personal meaning, your life's journey shaping this piece into a powerful statement.

And Diamonds in daggers? Talk about a dynamic duo. In ancient tales, the most potent Diamonds were clear octahedrons, believed to bring wealth, power, good fortune, and the secret to eternal youth. Flawed ones? Not so much. Diamonds are the OG healers, boosting balance, clarity, stability, and abundance.

But hey, my shop is like a treasure trove of new designs. Swing by regularly to catch the latest bling. And, before you dive in, read up on my policies. Purchase confirms you've nodded along to the terms. Let the dagger games begin!

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