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Christine Alexander Fine Jewellery

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Hey, you lovers of wrist glam! Feast your eyes on this utterly unique boho-style bracelet, a sterling silver wonder with adjustable length – because one size fits all is so last season. Picture sequin discs dancing along, creating a boho vibe that's not just lovely but uniquely YOU. It's the kind of bracelet that says, "I'm making a subtle statement, but I've got layers – literally!"

Designed with simplicity it's the epitome of everyday chic, yet it's got that special occasion flair. Versatility, darling, is the name of the game. Whether you're brunching with pals or hitting a glam soirée, this bracelet's got your wrist covered. And let's not forget the gifting game – it's the perfect treat for your girlfriend, BFF, or sister. Because who doesn't love a touch of boho elegance?

Now, let's talk dimensions – we're talking 7 inches of wrist candy. But if you're into ankle bling or neck chic, fear not – we've got an anklet version and a chain ranging from 16 to 30 inches. Can't find the link? Drop us a message, and we'll sort you out.

Feeling a bit golden? Well, darling, we've got this stunner in Gold Vermeil too – because why limit yourself to just one shade of fabulous?

And now, a bit of history for your curious minds. The earliest coins in the kingdom of Lydia were minted in silver around 600 BC. Silver standards were all the rage till the 20th century, with the coinage ratio fluctuating based on war finances. Fast forward to today – our silver coins are born from cast rods, rolled, heat-treated, cut into blanks, milled, and minted in a press that churns out a whopping 8000 coins per hour. Talk about coin magic!

So, in the world of wrist tales, let this bracelet be your protagonist – chic, unique, and a bit of boho magic. ✨🌈

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