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Crafted in highly polished Sterling Silver, this beautiful and timeless pair of knot stud earrings feature a three-dimensional overlapping design.

The further the distance, the tighter the knot. Knots in jewellery and their particular focus as a symbol of eternity and love are ancient concepts that span both the East and West. The symbol is woven in on itself, enough to consider that two individuals are tying together to establish an interwoven union where two become one in the symbol. The knot also loops around on itself and travels in an eternal twist, for the love between the couple is forever undying. There are quite a few variations on the knot, one of the more popular being the Celtic knot, which is dated to around 450 CE, which is often referred to as the ‘mystic knot’ or the ‘endless knot’.  The expression ‘tying the knot’ is thought to be where the couple had their hands bound in an endless knot as part of the wedding ritual. The knot is quite a popular and commonly used motif today as it was then.

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