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Christine Alexander Fine Jewellery

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Behold, the marvel of the Fine Curb Chain in Sterling Silver – because nothing says "I'm subtly chic" like a fine curb. Wear it solo for an understated minimalist vibe or slap on a charm or minuscule pendant to elevate your game. The bolt ring clasp? Oh, it's there, ensuring you won't need a NASA engineer to put it on.

Size matters, darling, and these chains come in various lengths – pick your poison:

  • 14 inches (35 cm) - children's or choker length
  • 16 inches (40 cm)
  • 18 inches (45 cm)
  • 20 inches (50 cm)

And guess what? I'm not dictating your style. Mix, match, and assemble your holy grail combo because, let's face it, one size does not fit all. Can't find what you want on the site? Hit me up – I've got a stash. Oh, and there's a discount on chains when you throw in a pendant. Talk about a win-win!

Now, about the delivery – I'm good, but I'm not Amazon Prime, so chill and give it 3-5 working days. I trust Royal Mail in the U.K. and opt for the royal treatment with Royal Mail Tracked for international deliveries.

Let's take a trip down nostalgia lane with the timeless curb chain. Back in the 18th century, it was the bling of choice for men flaunting their wealth. Picture this – a fob, not just a style statement but a functional pocket-watch carrier. Fast forward to the Victorian era, when curb chains were still rocking the scene. Everyone, men and women alike, sported them on special occasions, making them the go-to wedding gift or a token of affection. The Victorian love affair led to mass production, making curb chains the people's accessory.

So, wrap yourself in a bit of history, darling, with the fine curb chain – because trends may come and go, but the curb is eternal. 💁‍♀️✨

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