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Christine Alexander Fine Jewellery

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This is a high quality, Sterling Silver fine flat curb chain. The width is 2mm, available in lengths of 16-20".

When the Phoenicians first came to what is now Spain, they obtained so much Silver that they could not fit it all on their ships, and as a result, used Silver to weight their anchors instead of lead. The stability of the Roman currency relied to a high degree on the supply of Silver bullion, mostly from Spain, which Roman miners produced on a scale unparalleled before the discovery of the New World, from 600 to 300 BC. The Romans also recorded the extraction of Silver in central and northern Europe in the same time period. Central Europe became the centre of Silver production during the Middle Ages, as the Mediterranean deposits exploited by the ancient civilisations had been exhausted. Most of these ores were quite rich in Silver and could simply be separated by hand from the remaining rock and then smelted; some deposits of native Silver were also encountered. In the Americas, high-temperature silver-lead cupellation technology was developed by pre-Inca civilizations as early as AD 60–120; silver deposits in India, China, Japan, and pre-Columbian America continued to be mined during this time.

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