rUBY is the birthstone for July and all my Ruby pieces are currently discounted. Also Peridot pieces are a bargain right now (you can get ahead for those August birthdays)! Discount added at checkout. Please message me with any questions!💎💕


Christine Alexander Fine Jewellery

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Well, well, well, look at you, sparkling sophisticate! Imagine this: a lariat necklace that doesn't just accessorize; it practically narrates an epic tale of vintage elegance. Crafted from Sterling Silver, it's not just a necklace; it's a masterpiece, darling. Draping delicately, it's your go-to for turning mundane outfits into red carpet moments. And guess what? This isn't just a necklace; it's a whole vibe. We call it antique-style, but you can just call it "Hello, fabulous!"

Now, let's talk details. The juicy red gems? Cubic Zirconia, playing pretend as Garnets. Because why settle for the standard when you can have glamour? They dangle from a Sterling Silver cable chain, with a sturdy carabiner clasp, ensuring you shine without any jewelry-related wardrobe malfunctions.

Feeling extra? Good news – there are matching earrings and not one but two bracelets that could be yours. It's a Garnet-infused dream, darling.

And here's a tip for January birthdays: Garnet is your birthstone, and this lariat necklace is practically a cosmic gift just for you. Picture this: the equivalent piece with Garnet and Diamond would practically cost you a small fortune. But who needs Diamonds when you can dazzle in Garnet without breaking the bank?

A quick note on Sterling Silver: Keep it looking pristine by ensuring it's clean and dry before storage. No one likes tarnished treasures. A bit of warm water, a soft cloth, and voila – your Silver stays as fabulous as you are. 💃💎

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