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Tiny silver heart adjustable anklet. These make great bridesmaid or friendship gifts. The perfect accessory for the upcoming spring/summer season as a treat for yourself or a loved one. This anklet features a delicate silver heart charm.

The anklets are adjustable up to 10".

The wearing of this object of embellishment can be found as early as Sumerian times, which are traced to the 5th millennium BC, and are considered the first ancient urban civilisation. During the mid-1960s there was an increasing fascination in eastern cultures in the west, with hordes of hippies embarking on the 'hippy trail': an adventure which begun in Europe and ended in South Asia, travelling through Pakistan, India, and Nepal. This led to a rise in fashionable clothing and accessories inspired by the regions. Anklets thus became fashionable in the West.

'People think that an ankle bracelet is something tacky, but in fact, it is elegant because it draws attention to the ankle. It's very sexy, a delicate ankle. Don't you think?'" - Isabella Blow

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