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Christine Alexander Fine Jewellery

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Sterling Silver shamrock or four-leaf clover pendant. Spark a little bit of good luck in that special someone with this dainty lightweight piece.

Shamrock charm measures approx 13x24mm including bale

Your pendant will be sent in a fully recycled Christine Alexander gift box. All orders are shipped within padded envelopes to ensure safe delivery.

Clover growth is prolific with very little provocation. This would have indicated stability, expanse and fecundity to the Celts and their ilk.

The earliest known Silver coins were minted in the kingdom of Lydia in Asia Minor around 600 BC. Since that time, Silver standards, in which the standard economic unit of account is a fixed weight of Silver, have been widespread throughout the world until the 20th century. The ratio between the amount of Silver used for coinage and that used for other purposes has fluctuated greatly over time; for example, in wartime, more Silver tends to have been used for coinage to finance the war. Today, Silver coins are produced from cast rods or ingots, rolled to the correct thickness, heat-treated, and then used to cut blanks from. These blanks are then milled and minted in a coining press; modern coining presses can produce 8000 silver coins per hour.

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